Everyone’s fitness journey is different.

We all start from different places, have individual goals and expectations for ourselves, and find enjoyment in different types of exercise. One thing that we can all agree on is that the self-satisfaction of feeling fit and healthy is amazing. It feels good to know that your body is capable of doing incredible things. My goal is to help you realize how you can feel successful in your fitness journey, and why that is important to you. 

As a professional Hip-Hop and Reggae dancer, I like to incorporate full-body, functional movement into my training sessions. I strive to create a fun and energetic environment while delivering a dynamic and creative approach to fitness. 



Danielle Accreditations/offers:

The following are available both private and small group:

Personal Training 


Pre/Post Natal Yoga

Dance: group classes/parties and individual lessons in Hip-Hop and Dancehall